Garbo Transcending Through Time

Since I know a lot of you wanted me to write about the performance last sunday in English, I translated the Swedish review. Enjoy!

To do a one-man performance, is as we know a challenge. Nobody to interact with and the unbroken attention of the audience resting upon only you. To on top of that reenact a famous person—an Icon—raises the level of the challenge further.

We sit down in the gold-folded chairs in the newly renovated theater (The working Stage), and are welcomed by a well known photo of the famous swede. ”Greta Garbo” comes down the isle toward the stage, and a sole lighter shares its glow with her face.

A Garbo in Limbo, not yet dead but still outside of her old body greets the spectators, then guides us though different events and stages of the actresses life. The old Garbo looks back on her life, keeping a conversation with her soul about the point of it all. Little Greta tries to cheer up her parents with shadow-theatre. The movie star in the height of her career escaping paparazzi.

White scenography sets off the black box. A white curtain forms background for projected photos (in where pictures of Garbo sometimes are exchanged with pictures of Rolandsson—often without the spectators knowledge—that’s how much she resembles the icon). The curtain is frequently used in the storytelling, it’s a shawl, letters, different dresses—the fantasy behind the creative use testifies about a sharp eye and credits the directing of Finola Hughes. All props are white—a luggage piece, champagne bottle, chair, bed. A few pieces of clothing are black, and together props and scenography creates a great harmony.

The light could be adjusted slightly, sometimes dark joints are left disturbing the image of the actress, and sometimes light transitions are too fast. As the light geek I am, I cannot help but notice it—the rest is however impeccable.

Radio clips, Garbo’s inner voice and the pictures of the star expand the dimension and work together with the varied and intense acting to create a rich story. As an audience member I am trapped, reveling in the mystique and beauty. The glamorous movement, the hand dramatically draped over her forehead, her tear filled blue eyes that turns to the light, sparkling.

I have heard the performance twice. But now, when I see it, Garbo becomes more alive to me than she ever was.


Postat av: Anonym

Great review!

2012-02-23 @ 06:05:33
Postat av: Janya


Anne-Grete: Hopefully it will play in Stockholm one day!

2012-02-23 @ 06:26:54

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