Improvisation at #swimp16

Yesterday was one of those unexpected days, when you don't expect anything different to happen.

I woke up early, got ready and brought a friend to a breakfast bufée as a birthday present. In the line to the cheese, I exchange some words with the woman next to me. I ask what she is doing in Sweden and she tells me she's part of an impro group. I obviously get very excited and tell her I'm doing theatre as well.

Long story short; me and my friend are invited to their table and we have breakfast with this big group of Indian improvisation actors and producers. They invite us to come and see the show, so tonight I went straight from rehearsal and hurried to the theatre.

The night turned out wonderfully; not only did I get to see lovely acts, witty scenes and wonderful acting; I also got to have many and long conversations with so many interesting people.

And in there is the magic. What almost always happens when a big gorup of people sharing an interest get together, no "musts" involved, but a healthy curiosity and an eagerness to expand - your mind as well as you network. If this common interest then happens to be theatre, well then you have a grand slam.

I am so excited for this life. I can't wait to explore, dig deeper, collaborate... Art is more than a service to the public, its a way of living, it's a purpose. And I want to fulfill that purpose with as many wonderful people as I possibly can.

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